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1. Social Studies and Opinion Polling:
- Opinion polls on representative samples of population, at regional or national level;
- Processing and analysis for the obtained data bases;
- Social diagnosis and prognosis;
- Quality of life analysis;
- Analysis of the efficiency of public policies implementation;
- Urbanism solutions.

2. Political Marketing
a. Pre-election Studies:
- Socio-demographic representations of the electoral body using relevant variables as income, ethnicity, life style, education, religion, social class, etc.
- Identification of the social and political cleavages that are relevant for the distribution of votes;
- Voters profiling and adequate items building for the political message;
- Media resources identification;
- Setting up media contacts and media buying.

b. Campaign Strategies:
- Public image strategies;
- Political discourse targeting;
- Construction of profile-targeted themes and frames for the political discourse;
- Designing media materials for political campaigning (political advertising, news spots, posters, promotional materials, etc.);
- Media-oriented public relations.

c. Post-election Studies
- Voter satisfaction analysis;
- Analysis of internal relations in political organisations;
- Internal crisis management solutions for political parties;
- Media coverage analysis;
- Continuous promotion strategies for political leaders and political organisations.

3. Electoral Campaign Management:
- Setup for public events (conferences, public meetings, politically-oriented charity acts, etc.);
- Setup for meetings with the voters;
- Setup for electoral public performances;
- Media reflection of political events.

4. Public Relations and Political Communication:
- Public image strategies;
- Setup for public events (seminaries, conferences, electoral meetings);
- Media-oriented public relations;
- Internal communication analysis for institutions;
- Consulting for intra- and inter-organisational communication problems;
- Management of communicational crises.


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