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Company was founded in 2001 at Timisoara. We offer to our clients’ complex marketing services. Our services are based on a flexible structure, which starts with market research, continues with product testing actions and products promotions.

The socio-political field is very important in our services portfolio.

Our experience includes economic, political, social surveys, qualitative studies (focus - group) and image strategies actions.

Another distinctive feature of our company is to establish a special partnership with clients and to implement a bidirectional feed-back between our account managers and clients.

Our services are designed to solve two of the main issues in the market economy:
INFORMATION. Information plays a decisive role in this period for any decisional level. We are dealing with information of different qualities and complexities. To be in top, companies and public personalities need real, on time, coherent, well organized information, before competitors. We want to offer these opportunities to you.

IMAGE. Image is one of the most important factor in economic, social and political life. Its role is to generate power, ability, adaptation. Therefore, we want to offer these qualities to you.

Each of our study or service is treated with high responsibility, because we consider that machines are very important, but people make the difference.

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